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Free 2250/70 software Upgrade from any version to instrument software 4.3

Brüel & Kjær invites all their Type 2250, 2270 and 2250 Light users to upgrade their instrument software to latest version completely free of charge.

From the new Measurement Partner release you will have the option of upgrading your instrument to software version 4.3 regardless of which version you are currently running (1.x, 2.x, 3.x or 4.x). No need to purchase an upgrade product, just install the software and start getting the most out of your valuable instruments and enjoy all the new features version 4.3 has to offer.

For more details please contact your Brüel & Kjær sales rep.

N.B. Please be aware Brüel & Kjær will limit technical support of the 2250, 2270 and 2250 Light to the latest software version (or latest type approved version) from 01.01.2016

Free features

New look

Measurement Partner now has a new, cleaner look. For example there is no longer a difference between Data and Maintenance mode and managing licenses and installing software on your instruments is now just one click away. All changes are designed to make the software easier to use and more intuitive.

New Look

Options Menu & Units

The Options dialogue has been replaced with the new options menu, which is quickly accessed from the Measurement Partner icon in the top left corner. Amongst a number of new settings, the menu now provides a consistent and flexible solution to accomodate the preferences of its global users and you can set your unit preferences for calculations.

Options - Units
2 Channel Support

2-ch Support

Type 2270 users can now perform a wide range of 2 channel measurements using the 2 channel option including SLM, CPB, logging and signal recording. All changes in the instrument software are of course fully supported in Measurement Partner version 4.3.

2 Channel Support

G-Weighting and Building Vibration

The new Low frequency option for the instrument covering infrasound and building vibration measurements has added many new parameters and extends the CPB spectrum down to 0.8 Hz band for 1/3 octave. All changes in the instrument software are of course fully supported in Measurement Partner version 4.3.

User Feedback

Give us your feedback

Have got something that you want to share with the Measurement Partner team at Brüel & Kjær HQ in Denmark? Online users can use the new feedback button to tell us what's on your mind adding screenshots and attachments to the feedback as required.

BZ-5503-A Logging Module

Marker Level Exceedence

It is now possible to identify whether predefined limits have been exceeded within a marker period (for example day, evening, night). The limits and the parameters they are based on are configured by the user.

Level Exceedence Check Dialogues

Octave bands in profile

Users interested in studying individual octave band in a logging profile now can do just that by selecting the octave bands of interest.

New Look
Tone Detection Marker

Tone detection in profile

As for impulses, Measurement Partner will mark the occurence of tones in a logging profile according to criteria set in the Marker and report wizard.

Impulse Detection Marker

Impulse Detection in a logging profile

Measurement partner now includes an objective method for the assessment of impulses. Define the threshold for impulses in the Marker and report wizard and Measurement Partner will mark in the logging profile these criteria are exceeded.

2 Channel Support

Listen to Signal Recordings associated with an Marker

If you're using the Automatic signal recording setting on the instrument a WAV file will be created for the duration of the measurement. However, rarely is the whole WAV file of interest for analysis and playback. For this reason Measurement Partner now supports the playback and export of WAV files associated with individual markers.

BZ-5503-B Spectrum Module

Basic calculations on FFT spectra

Need to perform basic calculations on FFT spectra? The Spectrum license is now extended to cover not only CPB but FFT based calculations

Basic calculations on FFT spectra

Convert FFT to octave spectra

Need to compare an FFT spectrum with a CPB spectrum? Convert your FFT to CPB by simply dragging it into a calculation already containing a CPB spectrum.

Basic calculations on FFT spectra

BZ-5503-C Wave File Analysis Module

FFT Tone Analysis

FFT tone analysis

Measurement Partner now offers Tone analysis of signal recordings. Perform a signal recording in the field and analyse for tones later back in the comfort of your office. The tone analysis can be performed by selecting which portions of a WAV file you want to analyse for tones. Simply mark the portion of the logging profile and click analyse. Tone analysis can also be performed on complete WAV files from the side bar.

Other Features

BZ-5503 Export each project separately
BZ-5503 More intuitive zoom on FFT Spectra
BZ-5503-B Tone Analysis according to France NF S 31-010
BZ-5503-B Tone analysis results are now marked in the spectrum for both CPB and FFT based assessment.

Bug fixes

BZ-5503 Application quits unexpectedly when Changing marker type in marker properties when Spectrum License is missing
BZ-5503 Noise parameters calculated wrongly when using extended low frequency
BZ-5503 Generation of time reports does not work with compressed statistics
BZ-5503 Not always possible to set a marker with 100ms resolution
BZ-5503 Noise curves and noise parameters should also be calculated for A, B and C weighted spectra
BZ-5503 Copy of marker table removed the ms content
BZ-5503 IP-addresses set up in Options can stop internet browsers from working
BZ-5503 Statistics base is sometimes shown wrong in MPS
BZ-5503 Error applying Weather markers if one of the parameter (wind direction or speed) is not logged
BZ-5503 Spectrum displays previous sample for compressed data
BZ-5503 When changing the between acceleration, velocity, displacement the units in the main table is not updated
BZ-5503 User not created when transfering projects from 2250 with SWP10 to an empty Archive
BZ-5503 Rounding of Total and Cursor values in FFT projects do not match the values on the 2250.
BZ-5503 Exporting can in some cases trigger an "Out of memory" error
BZ-5503 Export of "Full Statistics" was missing when exporting
BZ-5503 MPS version history link doesn't work once 2250/70 version history link has been clicked
BZ-5503 Black holes could appear in the User Interface
BZ-5503 Exporting FFT projects using French language can fail
BZ-5503 Application quits unexpectedly when hovering mouse over profile while project is loading
BZ-5503 MPS does not work correct if user is Power User
BZ-5503 Tone Calculation does not give same result in MPS, 7820 and 2250
BZ-5503 Download and install of SWP on PC may fail due to insufficient priviligies
BZ-5503 Application quits unexpectedly when switching to 1/1 octave from 1/3 octaves in External viewer
BZ-5503 Application quits unexpectedly when copying data from external window to Calculations
BZ-5503 Annotations disappear when moving to end of profile
BZ-5503 Application quits unexpectedly when moving a project when another project is loading
BZ-5503 When setting a marker in the profile, marker is rounded to report periods
BZ-5503 After auto scale the wind direction arrows are showed wrongly in the profile (all in the middle)
BZ-5503 Pack & Go can be slow on big projects
BZ-5503 Sometimes the profile steps more than one cursor value when pressing left or right key
BZ-5503 When only one broad band value is logged spectrum behaves wrongly

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